How do traditional watch brands cope with smart watch?

In April in 2015, Apple launched its first smart watch the Apple Watch, challenging the status of traditional watch industry. It’s the first time in history that something was trying to kick away the watch from our wrist.CEOs of watch brands shared a common opinion to the public that the Apple watch would have very limited influence on the industry. Because the Apple watch is not a luxury, does not have any style and history.


But that’s what they said to the public. Behind their slogan, they were actually thinking how to deal with this threatening rival. Results are marvellous.


  1. TAG Heuer Connected

Together with Intel and Google, TAG Heuer launched a high end Android Wear, the Connected. More information about this smart watch could be found in a friend site

It is not only a very expensive smart watch. What actually smart is the “exchange programme” behind.


The exchange programme guarantees that after 2 years of using, the owner could take the Connected back to TAG Hueur boutique to exchange a TAG Heuer mechanical watch! I don’t believe you could get anything from Apple if you return your 2 years old Apple watch.


TAG Heuer is trying to offer users of smart gadgets a chance to encounter mechanical watches! Showing young people the beauty of the mechanical watch, giving them an opportunity to fall in love with it.



  1. Montblanc E-Strap

Montblanc has a different strategy than TAG Heuer. Montblanc view wearable gadgets could be complementary to mechanical watch, not have to be competitive. They could present on the wrist at the same time.Montblancs-New-EStrap-02

Montblanc E-Strap has notifications, remote control and motion indicator. More information could be found in


E-Strap has very basic but really useful functions. It also has a 5-day power reserve. Please bear in mind that the Apple watch with motion indicator switched on could not even stand for 24 hours.



Though, TAG Heuer Connected and Montblanc E-Strap are not perfect, and not cheap at all. But they are creative and they show a great attitude of traditional watch brands that this aging industry is still moving forwards.

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